Covid-19 update: The Speaking Coach is operating under the Orange Traffic light setting, with in person and online coaching available so contact me to book your personalised coaching session.
Public Speaking coaching

Do you want to speak with clarity, confidence and connection?

I can help

Do you want to speak with clarity, confidence and connection?

I can help

Many people find public speaking one of their greatest challenges.

The Speaking Coach provides public speaking training to help you communicate clearly and confidently. I work with individuals, business professionals, managers, team leaders and senior high school/college students to help them experience the joy and power of communicating with clarity and confidence, and connection.

Good communication is the foundation of solid collaboration, creativity, professional development, and the resolution of issues, whether on the phone, in the boardroom or at a formal public speaking event.

People who do not communicate effectively, do not thrive. So, a business will not thrive if its people do not communicate effectively. This is true whether it is giving presentations, making a pitch, holding meetings with clients or staff, or talking at a social occasion.

Time and money well spent!

I highly recommend the Speaking Coach. I worked with Niall over three virtual sessions to refine an upcoming pitch presentation, the basis of which is a core explanatory piece about the framework I apply in my work. Having The Speaking Coach give me honest feedback on my presentation content, delivery, and visuals, was time and money well spent.

Michelle M
Consultant, Hamilton, NZ

Clear information and expertise!

Niall is amazing. He has guided me through the process of effective communication and speaking with patience, understanding and clear knowledge. This has enabled me to be a more confident, clear and calm speaker. Niall goes far beyond what a coach is, the content he delivers and articulates is incredible. He delivers clear information and expertise in the art of effective communication. Thanks you for all your help Niall!

Josh K, Author/Motivational speaker
Christchurch/Greymouth, NZ

Can not recommend Niall enough!

I reached out to Niall with the aim of improving my professional speaking skills, Niall was very thorough when examining my speaking and style. The tips and advice has made a massive difference in my speaking ability to where I can speak fluently and confidently in a professional environment. Best money i've spent! Thanks.

Daniel W, Oat Milk Company
Ashburton, NZ

A huge difference

The Speaking Coach is a wealth of knowledge. He helped me to provide structure, sincerity and flow to my presentation which made a huge difference to my audience's feedback. Highly recommend!

Tina L, Company Director/Business Owner
Tauranga, NZ

Helped greatly

Very knowledgeable in public speaking, highly professional, lots of invaluable information which helped greatly.

Clare, Law Student
Hamilton, NZ

One-to-One or Small Coaching Groups and Courses

Giving a presentation, running meetings, speaking at a wedding, or have interviews coming up?

My training for public speaking is tailored to your needs. I’ll show you how to develop the confidence to be an effective, engaging communicator.

Is this you?

  • Do you ever feel nervous speaking in front of groups?
  • Do you need to give presentations in the workplace, at social occasions, or as part of your studies?
  • Are you rethinking your current career path or need to upskill to match the current business climate in the face of Covid-19?

Communication skills are becoming more important than ever, so talk to us about how you can enhance these skills.

Why lose sleep? Get help now!

The Speaking Coach provides professional public speaking training for adults and small groups including private coaching, and courses at affordable rates, or small group workshops that can be run with colleagues, friends, or family.

The Speaking Coach provides a choice of online or in-person coaching for your convenience. Online coaching is delivered New Zealand (NZ) wide or in-person at our modern training facility in Hamilton, NZ.

I can assist you:

  • Develop your public speaking skills
  • Explore your unique presentation style
  • Increase your spontaneity
  • Develop your storytelling and vocal techniques
  • Help you overcome fears and help you enjoy being in front of an audience

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