Covid-19 update: The Speaking Coach is operating under the Orange Traffic light setting, with in person and online coaching available so contact me to book your personalised coaching session.

Public Speaking courses and
Coaching Prices

Public Speaking/Presentation Training Options

I offer a range of services for adults and small groups. Choose the option that suits you best…
‘Speaking toolkit’ programme of 1-on-1, one-hour consultations for six weeks
  • Central Hamilton training location or delivered online*
  • Evenings or Saturday consultations available (one consultation per week)
  • Discounted rate of individual one-on-one coaching
  • One-on-one focus
  • Hone your skills with my six-consultation program. This delivers the perfect environment to focus your needs so you have a deep and rich learning experience
  • Can purchase additional ‘package’ consultations if required
  • Option to obtain recognised qualifications in professional speaking – great for your CV**!
Is this for you?

The Speaking Coach flagship six-consultation coaching programme is designed for those who have to deliver and deliver big. We tailor the content to your needs and priorities.

You may have to present a keynote at a conference, deliver a formal presentation, or take a new idea to some important stakeholders, whether in person or online.

This is for anyone who wishes to improve their communication skills. This is designed to allow you time to develop your skills naturally as we can cover a lot more in six consultations than in a single learning engagement. My six-week program gives you time to reflect and prepare between consultations, so you can bring what you have done back to the following consultation and we can work on it.

One-to-one coaching, face to face, or via zoom
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‘Pitch perfect’ 1-on-1 individual coaching sessions
  • Central Hamilton training location or delivered online*
  • Evenings or Saturday consultations available
  • One-on-one focus
  • Choose as few or as many hours as you want
  • We offer fast response for urgent requests
  • Let us tailor your consultations to your particular needs
  • Bespoke 1-on-1 coaching is for you if you′d like a personal and focused evaluation of where you are as a speaker
Is this for you?

Individual coaching consultations are suited to people who struggle with public speaking, have anxiety around the thought of it, and don’t know where to start.

If you wish to improve their public speaking skills, whether it be in the workplace, at social occasions, or as part of their studies, this is for you.

Designed to give you flexibility on how many consultations you wish to have. While private coaching does not provide an opportunity to practice in front of others it can be useful in some circumstances including:

  • when you have an important speaking engagement coming up and you don’t have time to do the six-week ‘Speaking toolkit’ course
  • if you are working on a particular aspect of your speech writing or delivery technique (e.g. how to structure a presentation or how to improve your body language)
  • if you would like a brief introduction to some tips for presenting prior to enrolling in our six-week course or group workshop

Talk to me if you are interested in private coaching. Normally one to three consultations are sufficient.

One-to-one coaching, face to face, or via zoom
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*For your convenience, we offer consultations via zoom. They cover most of the same material as the in-person coaching, provide the same speaking opportunities, and are designed to be highly interactive (you won't be ‘taught at’).
**Additional fee for Speech NZ exams, payable directly to Speech NZ.

Learning outcomes

On completion of our six-week ‘Speaking toolkit’ you will be able to:

  • speak in public with increased confidence
  • identify the characteristics of effective presentations
  • utilise physical and vocal skills to enhance your presentations
  • use relaxation techniques to help release tension
  • develop effective presentations

Free consultation chat

I offer a free 10-minute phone chat so we can discuss your specific challenges and goals in public speaking.

Why? Because I know attending a public speaking workshop is a significant investment of time, money, and energy, and so I want to help you understand what will work best for you.

It may be that you’re best suited to go straight to our six consultation package, but it also may transpire that you’re better suited to have a private consultation or two with the Speaking Coach to help you become comfortable with some of the fundamentals of public speaking and the associated mental techniques first.

To book in for your free 10-minute phone chat with the Speaking Coach, please use this form.