Boost your success and transform your communication skills!

Do you…

  • Have a critical presentation coming up?
  • Need to deliver a talk at an important social occasion?
  • Want to boost the quality and effectiveness of your presentations?
  • Want to speak more clearly and confidently?

Personalised for You

You are unique in your needs and situation. That’s why personalised speech coaching is so effective. It’s a process of guidance, reflection and adjustment. You get precisely what you need to improve your speaking skills and achieve your results. You won’t waste time on irrelevant topics or skills you don’t need. I focus on what’s most relevant for you.

Private 1-to-1 Training

My one-on-one coaching achieves more effective results. Each session is tailored to individual strengths and weaknesses. This means no audience watching and we can focus solely on you. 1:1 is ideal for those struggling with speech anxiety or requiring personalised coaching that will enable you to stand and speak confidently in any setting. 

Professional Coaching

You have the right to expect the best from your speech coach. I offer professional public speaking and communication coaching where you gain from my training in teaching public speaking, practical workplace and coaching experience. I am a member of the Speech Communication Association of NZ.

Flexible Delivery Options

In Person (Hamilton)

This is the most effective way because we meet face-to-face and can can give you direct feedback. Coaching sessions are usually 1 hour in duration. I work from modern premises with wifi and presentation equipment available.


We can meet using phone, Skype or Zoom. This method has several benefits: Scheduling is usually more convenient because you don’t need to travel and we can work around your other commitments. We can also record sessions for future playback/reference.


We can combine the methods of meeting with a program that integrates both in-person and online coaching. This works well when we work together over several weeks or months.

My Coaching Style

It depends on the situation, the challenges and your goals. Some clients achieve their results with one coaching session. Some situations require more.

I offer two coaching options:

  • ‘Speaking toolkit’ six 1-on-1, one-hour consultations over six weeks: Designed for those who have to deliver and deliver big. Allows you time to hone your speaking skills as we can cover a lot more in six consultations than in a single learning engagement. Only $169 per hour!
  • ‘Pitch perfect’ individual coaching sessions: An excellent option if you need some assistance with an upcoming speech or a particular aspect of public speaking (e.g. structuring the presentation or how to improve your body language).

If you want transformative results in boosting your public speaking skills, it’s best to work over a few months. You can arrange for one ‘Pitch perfect’ coaching session and then consider your choices.

Ready to Get Started?

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The first step is a free, no-obligation phone conversation so I can understand your public speaking needs, goals and expectations. During that call we can explore what coaching package you would be best suited to. Then you decide how you want to proceed.

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